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"There hasn't been a lot of baseline study covering microplastics, and the studies that have been done haven't been as wide-reaching," Wessel said. "We're hoping to use the data as a baseline but also find sources of microplastics and find out what types of microplastics are the biggest issue in the Gulf." 'Loads of Love': Apple Engineer Converts Van Into Mobile Laundromat for Homeless Ron Powers, a mechanical engineer at Apple, turned a used van into a mobile laundromat and made it available for free to the homeless of Santa Cruz, California. He said he spent many years focused on studying his faith and now spends his nights and weekends living it. "I wanted to restore dignity to people. "The big concern is we know the amount of plastic in the ocean is increasing, and increasing somewhat exponentially at this point. It's got chemicals in it, chemicals stick to it, animals eat it. We know a lot of the larger animals have impacts from larger plastics, so we think there's an effect on smaller animals (from microplastics)," McGuire said. Consumer Alert Trader Joe's Recalls Frozen Breakfast Burritos The emerging data has prompted clothing company Patagonia which makes fleece jackets and other apparel from synthetic materials to support research into the prevalence of microfiber pollution and promote information for consumers about ways to minimize microfiber shedding in laundry. Consumer-focused efforts such as Patagonia's outreach, liquor giant Bacardi's decision to stop adding plastic straws and stirrers to cocktails at company events, Miami Beach's ban on Styrofoam containers or the federal microbeads ban can help slow the rate of microfibers and other plastics adding up in the oceans, but the pollution also needs to be addressed at its source and at wastewater treatment plants, Wessel said. Top News: Peru Floods Rodrigo Abd/AP "It would be really great if the washing machine companies would get on board and come up with a filter to trap these microfibers," Wessel said.

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